Moses searching the desert for how to restore his FS1

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Moses searching the desert for how to restore his FS1

Berichtdoor davidfindling » 14 sep 2020, 01:53

Hello Members:

I own what is probably a rare 1977 red FS1-C purchased in Canada. My great-grandparents moved from Morocco to Montreal. On a summer trip to visit them, my awesome father bought me my FS1. I rode it everywhere and would regularly get pulled over by the police. They thought I was riding a motorcycle without a helmet. I had to keep a copy of the Michigan statute in the side cover to explain the law.

Fast forward to today. My FS1 needs to be restored but I am struggling with the choices. My 15 year old son, Noah loves the bike and I want it to go faster than 40 kph. I have too many questions which are unanswered. I need the assistance of the forum to decide how to proceed:

1. How loyal should I be to NOS parts? I do not intend on displaying my FS1 at the Concours D'Elegance.

2. What should I choose for the piston and cylinder? Overbore, Athena etc.?

3. What about the wheels? I always felt the wheels and tires were a bit spindly. What is the largest wheel/tire combination?

4. What should I choose for the exhaust? I would love a better tune.

5. I never loved the look of the OEM shocks. Any suggestions for a nicer look? I would even consider a pair with colored springs.

6. Should I change the gearing through the sprocket? What should I consider?

7. Are there changes to the ignition from points to electronic? Is it worth the effort?

8. What about the carb? Is there a recommended carb or just the jet?

That is a good start. I am excited to learn from the responses. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

P.S. You can see pre-restoration photos here:" onclick=";return false;
Aan het inrijden
Aan het inrijden
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Re: Moses searching the desert for how to restore his FS1

Berichtdoor kittop » 14 sep 2020, 05:37

Hoi David,

Those are a lot of questions, but the answers to these questions you first have to look at your goal.
Here on the forum there are some guys who pushed their FS1 up to 100 km / h.
However, this has to do with costs and how responsible it is for your 15 year old boy.
An FS1 is fairly easy to get to 65 km / h, making it easier to keep up with local traffic.
Is this what you mean?
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250km gereden
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