Nice site guys.

Questions and answers about the Yamaha FS1

Nice site guys.

Berichtdoor ChazEverest » 20 okt 2006, 15:49

Nice site guys. Now we need to get more members. I know FS1 Brommers are much more popular in Holland than in England nowadays.

I was reading the desscription of what classes as a Brommer (I read Dutch, can't really write it though. My syntax is very bad)

I didn't realize you had the 45kh/h limit back in the seventies. Wow. Did I read that right?
Aan het inrijden
Aan het inrijden
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Berichtdoor Jelle » 20 okt 2006, 17:14

yes you did ;-)

oyeah: Welcome.. :)
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Berichtdoor Niels » 20 okt 2006, 19:13

Welcome! :D

You are the first English I see that is able to read Dutch :P

(I replaced this topic in the English corner to keep English with English and Dutch with Dutch :wink: )
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Berichtdoor Tombo » 20 okt 2006, 21:44

we still have the 45 km/h restriction, but most of the fs1's run faster, but who cares ;) if you dont get caught by the police, it is not a problem :P
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