Notso dyno day.

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Notso dyno day.

Berichtdoor Flika » 01 feb 2009, 01:53

Took the bike to 50cctuning today for some setting up of the new carb and power runs, the guy is as a genius and has forgotten more than I will ever know about tuning small 2 strokes. The Notso was still running badly since I fitted the Dellorto and made well under double figures on the first run but by the end of the day was well into double figures just shy of my target power output.To be honest the figures don't do it justice as it pulls cleanly from 6k , peaks at 9.6k and holds it until 11k when it drops like a stone, need a bit more work on the rotary valve and barrel I think to make the run on last longer and to make a higher bhp, not bad for a 68.9cc 3 port barrel that first saw the light of day in about 1963.
Thanks to Darrell at 50cc tuning in Balby, near Doncaster, UK.
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